What it is

After trying 7 different budget apps and platforms, my wife and I were frustrated with the lack of simple, insightful options. So, I decided to build my own.

What I did

Everything from interaction design to development

The concept

The goal is to give users a tool to instantly answer the question: “Can I spend any money right now?” To do that, I’m visually representing a “trending budget.” While there are heavy calculations going on behind the scenes, the end-user is only shown whether they’re +/- where they should be at any given point in the month. Also, users can open an analytics dashboard to dive deeper and gain insights into their spending and budget track.

View when someone is on track and under budget
Once someone has spent too much, the background immediately changes to indicate they shouldn't spend any more money
Spent or earned money? Swipe up to reveal the entry screen
Once a user has entered the amount, they can drag the value through the Earned/Spent threshold and onto a category bucket. And if dragging isn't their thing, tapping will get you to the same place.
Releasing the value will submit the amount with the +/- and category applied